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Fully automated ampoule filling system (“FAAFS”) for LPG bottles

The fully automated ampoule filing system of LPG suisse will be introduced as worldwide exclusive innovation to the european market in 2018. FAAFS will simplify handling of LPG supply sustainable and fundamentally. Starting from the tremendous reduction of the supply chain for the LPG delivery up to the LPG purchase of the end customer. FAAFS is compatible with the patent-registered valve of LPG suisse which fits on each standard gas bottle. LPG suisse will procure very modern gas bottles with a state of the art design. Existing market participants can easily switch existing gas bottles to the new technology. FAAFS recognizes each gas bottle and its owner due to a sophisticated chip technology. FAAFS will measure remaining gas amount and will perform a security check of the gas bottle. Afterwards the difference will be filled up. The customer then pays easily at the integrated and fully programmable payment terminal – 100% autonomous and fully automated.

Save time and costs due to minimized processes

The process before…

…and after

Flexible and modular

FAAFS can be deployed very flexible thanks to its modular construction. The module with the chamber for the gas bottles and the payment terminal can be established independently. Customer can chose if he wants establish container with the gas tank above the earth or over the ground. Coveniently also a direct combination with an existing gas tank, e.g. a LPG filling station for cars, is possible.

Up to the demand of the customer modules can be implemented individually. For commercial customers (e.g. road builders) it is also imaginable to deliver FAAFS options without payment terminal which can be used with specific cards/badges.

Highlights of FAAFS and novel bottles:

  • fast and safe
  • economically priced infrastructure
  • no employees necessary
  • almost all bottles can be switched to valves of LPG suisse
  • environmental sustainable
  • flexible application
  • customer will lose no remaining gas amount in their bottles
  • Gas available 24 hours per day
  • modern and cool image
  • due to own payment terminal independent from multinationals