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This is who we are!

Developing new technology, courage, action

LPG germany GmbH, that’s who we are! A young, dynamic start-up and THE source for innovations around liquid gas.

We help people access renewable resources.
We value our environment and our surroundings, and treat them with respect.
We are your partner for innovative technologies that are in harmony with nature.
We swim against the current, and provide information on alternative energy sources.

With our products, customers enjoy more convenience and higher safety when using LPG, all while providing an environmentally friendly alternative to other fuels. We hope to simplify the use of LPG through our portfolio.


company history


… an idea takes


LPG germany GmbH is founded in August. At first it consists of just one pioneer. A plant is set up in Elze.


… the first shoots start to sprout


The first patents are applied for and received. Next step: certifications and approvals. There is now an 8-person development team.


… the trunk of LPG germany begins to grow


Product development and product range expansion accelerate rapidly, and the team grows to 23 people. Our Corporate Design gets a redesign and our online shop goes live. The first liquefied petroleum gas cylinder filling station gets the permits it needs to start operations.

Coming in 2020!

A lot to look forward to …

Many exciting new projects are on tap for 2020. In April, we expand to Hildesheim and open a second location
while our headcount grows to 30 people.

In May, we become a member of the “Green Meth” ZIM-Netzwerk and the
North German Maritime Cluster, diving into an exciting new world.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Hannover Messe was unfortunately called off, but we’re getting ready for the next fair and can’t wait to meet you! You can experience our FAAFS® in operation and get acquainted with our first composite gas cylinders in LPG germany design.

We’re setting up cylinder filling stations and replacement systems at many locations and will soon be ready to serve you.

Want to stay up to date? Our social media channels are ready to get started and will soon go live.

Join us on the journey as we start our own green revolution!

Company structure

CleanTech Swiss AG (CTS) aims to create sustainable solutions that have lasting positive effects for people and the environment.

With its two unique world-firsts, «CombiFuel®» and «FAAFS®» ®, it has two solutions that set the benchmarks in their categories and give users incomparable ecological and economical benefits. Industry insiders attest to their potential for disrupting existing markets with high volumes.

Both innovations are patented worldwide and trademark-protected. Independent experts evaluated the patents and confirmed their high value and the innovative nature of both products.

As the holding company, CleanTech Swiss AG monitors the operations of its subsidiaries (see below) and administers the company’s IP – intellectual property.



Die LPG suisse GmbH mit Sitz in Wangen SZ (Schweiz) ist verantwortlich für die Ver­triebs­aktivitäten in der Schweiz und den Aufbau eines dichten LPG Versorgungsnetzes.

Sie arbeitet in enger Koordination mit der LPG germany GmbH zusammen.

Die LPG germany GmbH mit Sitz in Elze (Deutschland) ist verantwortlich für Produktion sowie Forschung und Entwicklung von FAAFS® und weiteren Flüssiggasanlagen. Unsere Ingenieure und Mitarbeiter verfügen im internationalen Vergleich über einzigartiges Know-how im LPG Sektor.

Des Weiteren koordiniert sie die Wertschöp­fungskette als auch die europaweiten Ver­triebs­aktivitäten (Ausnahme CH) für FAAFS® und weitere Flüssiggasprodukte.

CombiFuel Swiss AG in Wangen, Switzerland is responsible for production, research and development of CombiFuel®.

CombiFuel Swiss AG also coordinates vendors for production, as well as sales and conversion partners (CombiFuel stores®).

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