The company

The LPG germany GmbH

Developing new technology, courage, action

As a young startup, we are faced with many challenges that need to be mastered. Our team is growing steadily. Every month there are new people who can identify with our visions and products. They are happy to bring in their valuable time and enthusiasm, as we are courageous in going ahead with our projects and actually fulfilling the wishes that have been expressed many times. Other people are talking. We do.

Every team member looks forward to using our new product range themselves.

We create solutions for responsible use of the resources available to us.

We are doers.

We create solutions for responsible use of the resources available to us.

For the environment.

In-house expertise

Our team consists of experienced specialists and specialists who are highly motivated to implement our plans and visions.


We rely on new technologies that protect the environment or ensure that emissions are reduced or simply meet higher safety standards than old predecessors.


Our team has largely developed the technologies we use ourselves and does everything it can to ensure that business and end customers can benefit from them in the future.

Corporate structure

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