The modern composite gas cylinders

Visible fill level

Easy to carry

Extremely safe


Lighter. Safer. Versatile.


Composite gas cylinders are THE alternative to the usual steel cylinders. Thanks to a special production technique and its ergonomic design, the composite gas cylinders offer many advantages for handling and safety.

Did you know? The composite gas cylinders available from us are the first single-colored composite gas cylinders in Switzerland.

Behind the printed QR code is the information and documents provided by our sister company, LPG Germany, about the composite gas cylinders, which can be quickly opened and saved using a smartphone.

Fields of application

Here is a selection of different products and devices to which a composite gas cylinder can be connected

Grilling and cooking

  • Gas grill
  • Camp stove
  • Gas hob
  • Gas grill hob
  • Gas wok
  • Gas oven


  • Gas cooler
  • Gas refrigerator


  • Gas heater
  • Gas heating unit
  • Gas cooker
  • Gas fan heater
  • Gas terrace heater
  • Gas water heater
  • Gas fireplace


  • Gas lamp
  • Gas lantern
  • Gas hanging lamp

and more...

  • Lawnmower
  • Generator
  • Water pump
  • High-pressure cleaner
  • Wood chipper
  • Log splitter
  • . ..


Composite gas cylinders

Composite gas cylinder 5 L

Composite gas cylinder 7.5 L

The system

The modern composite gas cylinders are becoming increasingly popular with gas users. Because they are made of a composite material and fibreglass, composite gas cylinders offer many advantages that conventional steel cylinders cannot provide. Users particularly appreciate the reduced weight of the composite gas cylinders and their translucent construction through which the fill level can be read. Safety has also been significantly improved, since composite gas cylinders can release the gas into the environment in a controlled manner in the event of overpressure, for example in a fire, and cannot burst. The composite gas cylinders are excellently suited for a wide range of applications – in the home, in leisure time, when travelling and for commercial purposes. LPG suisse GmbH’s broad product portfolio, which now also includes gas-powered products for gardening and agriculture, means that the gas cylinders can be used in even more areas and become a loyal companion.


You too can benefit from our composite gas cylinders and convince yourself of their unique advantages!


  • Greater carrying comfort through ergonomic handles and less weight
  • Detectable fill level – thus timely filling possible
  • Rust-free and fall-proof – the composite gas cylinders are robustly built and leave no rust stains on floors
  • Improved safety thanks to a special production technique that prevents the cylinder from bursting
  • Built-in RFID chip for identification and personalisation


Technical data (1) 12.5 L 18.2 L
Propane capacity (3) (kg) 5 7.5
Butane capacity (3) (kg) 6 8.5
Tare weight (2) (kg) 3.4 4.1
Water content (l) 12.5 18.2
Height (mm) 384 468
diameter (mm) 305 305


(1) All values are nominal values
(2) Without valve
(3) max. filling of 80%

Advantages for partners and end customers

For partners

Due to their advantages, composite gas cylinders offer absolute added value in the liquid gas business. In addition to the acquisition of new customers, regular customers can also be retained in the long term. Using the specially developed app “Cylinder Manager”, each individual composite gas cylinder can be recorded in the system, thus enabling not only market analyses but also digitalised accounting with LPG suisse GmbH.

For end customers

The composite gas cylinder is not only extremely easy to carry, it is also very durable. Its robust material makes it a faithful companion in the private and commercial sector. It offers the greatest possible safety in handling liquid gas and is also very environmentally friendly. The fill level also indicates when it is time to fill the gas cylinder with new gas. The composite gas cylinders are available with the standard valve and soon also with the newly developed LPG germany valve for automatic filling at the FAAFS®.