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Liquid gas is the environmentally friendly alternative to conventional fuels that also saves companies money.

Our products are innovative and equipped with the latest LPG technology.
With them, your company can use LPG even more effectively and also help the environment.

And with us, you get everything from a single source!

From vehicle fuelling pumps to our FAAFS®, from valves to gas-powered generators,

we’re your specialist for liquid gas applications.

“What advantages do
products from LPG germany offer my company?”

Our modern cylinder filling station saves you storage and transportation costs. Filling on-site streamlines the value-added chain and lets you calculate gas costs more accurately.

Since customers who use the station for refills no longer “give away” residual gas by switching out cylinders, you offer them real added value.

The station can fill any LPG cylinder with a German standard valve, including our modern composite gas cylinders.


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The composite gas cylinder has big advantages over conventional steel ones.

It stands out with its low weight and high safety. The cylinder is made of a tough synthetic material and is extremely durable, and a collar protects the valve during transport and use. The transparent housing lets the user see the fill level at any time.

There is a high level of compatibility. It’s completely compatible with all normal gas-powered devices. From grills to heaters to garden tools, the composite cylinder supplies everything with LPG.


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Diesel driving ban? Not with us! In an era of tight environmental restrictions, LPG is THE fuel of the future.

With our modern LPG pumps, you can ensure that your fleet always has an environmentally friendly fuel supply. Once it’s been installed at your site, you can refuel your vehicles conveniently around the clock, without having to drive long distances to do it.

With us, you get everything from a single source. From planning to maintenance of the pumps or entire liquid gas systems, we provide the whole spectrum of services.

Here’s a tip: Did you know that you could run all of your petrol and diesel vehicles with LPG? Our sister company CombiFuel has developed and patented worldwide a way to convert your fleet to LPG. It saves costs, and it’s good for the environment. More below!


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We also offer special refuelling pumps for trucks and buses. With their high flow rate and using the right tank connections, you can quickly and easily fill your vehicle’s tank with liquefied petroleum gas.

If you’re looking for the best way to convert your vehicle fleet to LPG, CombiFuel has THE solution for you! Their innovation makes it possible to convert any engine, including diesel. More Also for diesel engines. More below!


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With an FAAFS®, you can offer customers real added value at your site. This is sure to attract new customers and build loyalty with existing ones.

FAAFS® has several modules. You decide which ones to include in your FAAFS® so you can meet your customers’ individual needs.

If you choose the gas cylinder filling module, you save stocking and personnel costs.

The fuelling module is ideal for customers who want to refuel their autogas vehicles. This keeps more customers coming back to your location.

The additional display provides advertising space to tell people about what you offer.


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Our sister company CombiFuel Swiss AG has developed a unique and globally-patented retrofit system for converting vehicles to LPG operation. This leads to an 80% reduction in total emissions , while saving up to 40% on fuel costs. This can solve a major portion of the emissions problem, sustainably. The plug-in retrofit can go in any vehicle, petrol or diesel, regardless of make or marque. It can also convert utility and construction vehicles, generators and ships.

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