Cylinder filling station

for filling gas cylinders
by trained personnel

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

The highest safety

Streamlined value-added chain

No residual gas loss

Filling gas cylinders efficiently. With certainty.

The cylinder filling systems are an in-house development of the sister company LPG Germany GmbH and have been certified according to ATEX. The in-house development opens up completely new possibilities. The plants were optimised in terms of efficiency and safety. This ensures that permitted composite gas cylinders and all other approved gas cylinders with a suitable valve can be filled quickly and safely. Moreover, thanks to their special compact design, the filling systems can be installed at almost any location.


Cylinder filling

Cylinder filling station

Control display

The system

LPG germany GmbH’s cylinder filling systems allow liquid gas cylinders to be filled quickly and safely.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials, all processes can be carried out much more efficiently, ensuring smooth and uncomplicated filling. In addition, professionally trained personnel ensure maximum safety when filling the gas cylinders. Via an LED display, the user can access a user-friendly menu where he can control the line and read certain data such as cylinder weight, filling medium, error messages, and more.

With the system, 5 to 33 kg and a maximum of 2 gas cylinders can be filled in parallel. Thanks to its compact design, the cylinder filling line can be easily integrated at almost any location. The liquid gas is optionally stored in an above-ground or underground container. Safety is the top priority when handling liquid gas. The trolley system has MID approval and the system is designed according to ATEX.


  • Efficient and fast gas cylinder filling
  • Modern control menu with LED display
  • Sophisticated technology and high-quality materials for a long service life
  • Compact design


Width 244 cm
Depth with canopy 200 cm
Depth without canopy 121 cm
Height 259 cm

Advantages for partners and end customers

For partners

Thanks to the modern cylinder filling system, B2B customers save storage and transport costs. The value chain is optimised by filling on site and enables a better calculation of the gas price.

Since no residual gas is wasted as a result of the process, this service offers the end customer decisive added value.

Any permitted gas cylinder with a suitable valve can be filled at the cylinder filling system, including the composite gas cylinders marketed by LPG suisse GmbH.

For end customers

All permitted composite gas cylinders or other approved gas cylinders with a suitable valve are filled by qualified drivers at the cylinder filling systems.

This results in high savings potential for the end customer. Instead of exchanging an old cylinder for a new filled gas cylinder, the old gas cylinder can be kept. Only the amount of gas that is filled into the cylinder is paid for and the customer no longer loses any residual gas.