The first fully-automated
LPG filling station of its kind

FAAFS® cylinder filling version

For filling composite gas cylinders

FAAFS® vehicle fueling version

For refueling cars with LPG

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

The highest safety

24/7 gas supply

Streamlined value-added chain

To the future with FAAFS®

The first fully-automated filling station for LPG cylinders


We are developing an absolute innovation that does not yet exist anywhere in the world


But what does that mean?
FAAFS® is short for “fully automated ampoule filling system”, which is our technical term for
an automatic LPG cylinder filling station.

On a FAAFS®, the personal composite gas cylinder can be refilled independently and fully automatically. Long distances to the next exchange station and fixed opening times are eliminated. Because the FAAFS® will soon be placed in front of supermarkets, at petrol stations and diy stores. It works around the clock – 365 days a year. The composite gas cylinder can therefore be filled at any time of the day or night.

Different modules, different possibilities

The FAAFS® is available in 3 versions. A full version and two partial versions.

The design is modular, and all the modules can be combined as needed. Depending on the modules used, the FAAFS® then results in the different versions.

The full version FAAFS® does it all! It can be used to fill composite gas cylinders with liquefied gas and vehicles to be refueled with LPG.


Get to know our full version here!

Simply go with the mouse on one of the plus signs and discover the individual modules of our FAAFS® full version!

All versions

FAAFS® full version

With the fully equipped FAAFS®, composite gas bottles can be filled with the innovative LPG germany valve. Vehicles that run on liquid gas can also be refueled with liquid gas. Payment is cashless.


The modules it uses are:
  • Filling module
  • Fuelling module
  • Payment module

FAAFS® cylinder filling version

This version is designed for filling composite gas cylinders with the LPG germany valve. After filling, cashless payments can be made.


The modules it uses are:
  • Filling module
  • Payment module

FAAFS® vehicle fueling version

This version is exclusively used to refuel liquid gas vehicles with liquid gas. Along with a fuelling module, it also features a payment module.


The modules it uses are:
  • Fuelling module
  • Payment module


The system

FAAFS® is the first fully automated liquid gas filling station for vehicles and composite gas cylinders, which was developed by LPG Germany and is an absolute novelty on the world market.

With FAAFS® (“fully automated ampoule filling system”), composite gas cylinders can be filled easily, extremely inexpensively and fully automatically – regardless of the filling level of the cylinder and at any time – 24/7, 365 days a year. With the integrated refuelling module, vehicles can also be supplied with LPG nationwide. The FAAFS® will revolutionise the gas business. Not only will the customer receive noticeably more for his money, but there will also be enormous savings for the supplier: significantly less personnel, space and capital.

Did you know that several million gas cylinders are in circulation in Switzerland alone? In Spain, the number is almost 60 million! Moreover, many countries in Europe have well over 2 million LPG* vehicles.

*Liquified Petroleum Gas


You too can benefit from FAAFS® and convince yourself of its unique advantages!


  • Fully automatic filling line for composite gas cylinders and refuelling of vehicles
  • Thanks to its modular design, FAAFS® provides almost unlimited application possibilities and can be installed anywhere (existing petrol stations, DIY stores, campsites, supermarkets, etc.)
  • By eliminating most of the value chain, FAAFS® conserves resources and enables a significantly lower gas price for the customer
  • No residual gas loss through refilling instead of exchanging
  • 24/7 availability on 365 days


Width 244 cm
Depth with canopy 200 cm
Depth without canopy
(lower part with the modules)
121 cm
Height 259 cm

Advantages for partners and end customers

For partners

With a FAAFS® you offer your customers real added value on your premises. You retain customers and acquire new ones.

FAAFS® has several modules. Depending on the location and needs, the FAAFS® can be put together individually and adapted to the location and the wishes of the customers.

If you choose the module for filling gas cylinders, you save storage and personnel costs.

The tank module is suitable for all customers who want to refuel their vehicles with liquid gas. This binds additional customers to the location.

The integrated display serves as an advertising space and provides information about your current offers.

For end customers

FAAFS® has no opening times! You can use it to refill your personal composite gas cylinder with the innovative LPG germany valve at any time of the day or night. There is no need to change bottles and no more residual gas is wasted. If the fuel gauge complains, LPG vehicles can be refueled at the FAAFS®.