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LPG is the environmentally friendly alternative to conventional fuels that also saves you money.

Our products are innovative and equipped with the latest LPG technology.
With them, you can use LPG even better and also help the environment.

And with us, you get everything from a single source!

From composite gas cylinders to our FAAFS®, and from gas regulators to lawnmowers powered by liquefied petroleum gas,

we’re your specialist for liquid gas applications.

“What advantages do I have with products from LPG germany?”

At the cylinder filling station, you can have a qualified professional fill up your composite cylinder or any other cylinder with the German standard valve.

And the best part is that you save real money, because instead of switching out your old cylinder for a new full one, you keep yours. You just pay for the gas that goes into your cylinder, and never again have to lose the value of the residual gas.

After filling, you pay at the cash register system by cash, card, and soon … virtually.


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The composite gas cylinder is easy to handle and very durable. Its tough material makes it a friend you can rely on. It provides the highest possible safety when using LPG and is also very environmentally friendly. What’s more, it lets you see how full it is so you know when it’s time for a refill. Our composite gas cylinders come with a standard valve, and soon also with our newly developed LPG germany valve.


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Our online shop has an incredible range of LPG-powered products you can use with your composite gas cylinder. From lawnmowers to log splitters and from generators to water pumps, everything is top quality and runs on liquid gas.

The benefits are clear: you protect the environment while getting your work done even more efficiently.


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With our modern LPG filling stations, you’ll soon be able to top up your autogas car in more places than ever.

You want to run your petrol or diesel car on LPG? Take a look at what our sister company CombiFuel Swiss AG has to offer. They have an exciting new innovation for you that they’ve patented worldwide.


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Our FAAFS® is always open for business. It lets you fill your own composite gas cylinder with the innovative LPG germany valve at any time, day or night. You don’t have to switch out cylinders, and you’ll never again lose the residual gas in the cylinder. If your fuel gauge shows that you’re running low, you can even fill up your autogas car at the FAAFS®. You won’t have to go far to get to it – there will soon be an FAAFS® in your area.

Plus, you’ll save money in the bargain, since we’ve streamlined the supply chain.


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