Our team.

One goal. One vision.

LPG germany GmbH now has 28 enthusiastic individualists!
We all love our jobs and we love the environment, and we want to do something to protect it.

We have the same goal, but we’re very different people.
From thinkers to doers, beginners to pros, creative heads to legal scholars, maths nerds to grammar genies:
here you’ll find an exciting mix of personalities that all complement each other.

And there’s one thing we all agree on: We’re excited about our products and we want to change the world. We do this by tackling new challenges every day with energy and motivation.

To make outstanding co-creations work,
our team set up our own values system.

We value:

openness, harmony, respect,
optimism, recognition, joy, dependability,
good working atmosphere, praise, punctuality, responsibility.

Our vision:


Fun facts about us

pet owners

cups of coffee consumed each day

languages spoken

enthusiastic grillmasters and campers

Animal support

Introducing Wela, the office dog.

Wela might be a German Shepherd mix, but at 12 years old, she’s a “great dame” in the dog world. She helps her owner and the entire team every day by putting a smile on our faces, welcoming visitors, and doing a morning round to make sure everybody’s here. Wela also joins us for some meetings, and can’t wait for somebody to pull out a laser pointer so she can chase the dot. Friday is her favourite day because she gets a weekend sausage. And after a long work week, she’s certainly earned it!